National Chopper Day 2019


The Beginning
The Horse BackStreet Choppers Magazine was created by Ralph ‘Hammer’ Janus in metro Detroit, Michigan.

Chopper Celebration
Hammer thought it would be cool to get together to meet the readership. Using ‘The Horse Backtalk Board’, a destination was decided upon along with the name ‘Smokey Mountain Smoke Out.’ 

Chopper Building at its Best 
Hammer decided it was time to showcase custom motorcycle builders ... he created the 'Chop Off'.  A select few Builders would be chosen to build a custom bike that would compete against each other to be chosen a the Chop Off winner for that year.   

A league of its own
Fabricator Kevin describes how to become a part of the league … Determination, Drive, Attention to detail, and Willingness. The League welcomes all who approach bike building with a passion. 

Hammer decides to prepare for retirement and sell The Horse BackStreet Choppers Magazine to Chanel 'Mz. Debo' Flowers.

Chanel purchases The Horse BackStreet Choppers Magazine and expands it by also purchasing Iron Horse Magazine, Oui Magazine and Digger Magazine … rebooting all and creating a new family. She decides to create a Non Profit 501 (c)(3) Organization as a way to give back to the community and help businesses. The Horse BackStreet Choppers Magazine, Inc was started in August. 

A new day
With new partnerships The Horse BackStreet Choppers Magazine, Inc expands it’s donations and sponsorships for events throughout the world.Chanel decides to create 'National Chopper Day' ... a day to celebrate  custom chopper motorcycle building, the history and the industry.  'National Chopper Day' is to be celebrated on the day before Father's Day every year starting in 2019 with it's slogan being 'Chopper Building at its Best ... #makechoppersgreatagain.' 

Coming in 2020
Let's get Chopin'
June 20, 2020 on 'National Chopper Day' The Horse BackStreet Choppers Magazine, Inc will celebrate the 20th anniversary for the 'Chop Off.'