National Chopper Day

Quick Tips on How to Increase Your Engagement on Social Media

  • Personalized Weekly Motivation: Interact with your followers on a personal level, creating content just for them because 1) it’s fun and 2) they appreciate it. Sometimes it is as low barrier as posting using hastags... #ThursdayRidersPhotos


  • Think TOFU (Top of the Funnel): Instead of constantly pushing to your website and selling your product, think about the top of the funnel and how to get people in before you sell them something. The top of the funnel focus can be feel-good content that will inspire people to make change. Maybe focus on lifestyle to increase engagement to help gain followers.


  • Use key phrases: If you’re not seeing the engagement you want, you can straight up ask for it. Key phrases and words such as “Let’s give a double tap for….,” “tag a friend,” and asking questions, “Thoughts?” allow your followers to open up a discussion that they might not have otherwise, because this time you asked for it.


  • Trending news plus Relevancy: Finding ways to relate your brand to trending news has been a key player in increasing engagement. People want to interact with what’s happening now and with what’s relevant in the world outside of motorcycles.


  • Giveaways: Give your followers what they want ...  they want free stuff. The most engaging posts and reposts on social media are companies doing giveaways. Our most commented on photo ever with 578 comments was for a giveaway. If you can excite your followers and create brand ambassadors along the way, giveaways are an easy and fun way to do so. Another option is to work with other brands for giveaways to reach a broader audience.

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