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How to create gift cards or gift certificates

Increase visibility of your company, by attracting new customers. When offering a gift certificate as a donated item, when distributed to a recipient, we are naturally encouraging others to purchase your services or products. Moreover, if the receiver is satisfied with your business there is a greater probability this person will return for more purchases, increasing customer loyalty.

Can be mostly automated. Gift certificates are just another payment method. Your website or register system should be able to redeem them, and if your website already has a payment gateway, cash will go straight into your account.

Increase brand awareness. Make sure to present a well designed voucher with images and clean branding that shows off your company. This is yet another marketing strategy that will help advertise your service and your brand that will reach people that might otherwise not have known about your services.

Gift certificates can have an expiration date. This converts into an additional advantage since cash is not reimbursed to customers who do not use their gift card or do not redeem its entire value.


If you don't know how to design or create gift cards or gift certificates, contact us and we will assist you. 

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