National Chopper Day

THE HORSE BACKSTREET CHOPPERS MAGAZINE INC. purpose is to address, educate, coordinate and provide information about custom motorcycle building, the history and the industry.


How we accomplish our mission:

  • Address:

    Raise social consciousness

  • Educate:

    Lectures, Workshops, Demonstrations, Documentation

  • Coordinate:

    Ride in Bike Shows, Display Shows

  • Provide information:

    Books, Magazines, Social Media, Multimedia, Mobile Apps

Get Involved

Your donation to the The Horse BackStreet Choppers Magazine Inc supports critical research, exploration, and education programs around the globe. Because of caring people like you, we are continuously working to address, educate, coordinate and provide information about custom motorcycle building, the history and the motorcycle industry.

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FAQ Information


We accept both cash and non-cash donations. Both types of donations are used to accomplish and further our organization's mission and goals. Donors will receive an acknowledgement letter. 

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Donation acknowledgements letters will include:

The name of our organization; Date of the contribution; The cash contribution amount; The description (but not value) of any noncash contributions; A statement that no goods or services were provided by the organization in return for the contribution, if that was the case

Quid Pro Quo will include a description and good faith estimate of the value of goods or services, if any, that our organization provided in return for the contribution

When are donation letters sent?

Donation acknowledgment letters will be mailed to donors no later than January 31 of the year following the donation

Exceptions to donor acknowledgement letters:

“Tokens” Goods and services are considered insubstantial tokens if these three things are true: The donor gave at least $51*; The item bears the organization’s name or logo (think calendars, mugs or posters); The item does not cost more than the annual inflation adjustment

Acknowledging Donors’ Unreimbursed Expenses:

If a donor makes a single contribution of $250 or more in the form of unreimbursed expenses, such as those out-of-pocket transportation expenses to travel to our organization's event, the donor will receive an acknowledgment letter. It will include a description of the services provided by the donor; A description and good faith estimate of the value of any goods or services that our organization provided in return for the contribution 

Quid pro quo disclosures.

Quid pro quo is Latin for “something for something,” as in, you give something to get something. When a donor makes a contribution to our organization and they receive a good or service in return for their donation, they’ve made a quid pro quo contribution. If that donation is greater than $75 and we give the donor something in return, we must disclose the value of that item or service to the donor.

Donors can only claim a deduction for the amount they contributed above the amount of the goods or services they received. Any receipts or written statements will clearly state the contribution, the date of contribution, the quid pro quo ... the received good or service in return for the donation with it's fair market value and the contribution deduction amount. 


Corporate sponsorship support is a payment by a business to a nonprofit to further the nonprofit’s mission, that is generally recognized by the nonprofit with an acknowledgment that the business has supported the nonprofit's activities, programs, or special event. These will be considered as Quid Pro Quo contributions. 

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Our information

THE HORSE BACKSTREET CHOPPERS MAGAZINE INC is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.
Our tax identification number is 83-1991944.